• 93% Recycled Polyester, 7% Recycled Spandex
  • Width 35 cm, Length 30 cm, Strap Length (Single Side) 33 cm & 15 cm
  • Made in Korea



  • Perfectly knit and pleated shopper bag with 2 straps and 2 sturdy drop handles
  • Usable as a tote bag or shoulder bag with top handles or straps
  • Spacious enough for personal essentials and can be used as a casual weekend bag
  • Semi-permanent pleats
  • Easy to carry by folding along the pleats when not in use
  • Comes with a detachable bottom plate


Laundry Precautions

  • Use neutral detergent or hand wash with lying and drying
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not bleach

Knit Pleated 2-Way Shopper Bag made from Recycled Ocean Plastic - Violet

119,00 €Price

✓ Sustainable Fashion

Pleatsmama is saving petroleum resources, thereby dramatically reducing carbon dioxide emissions and landfilling, by using 100% recycled polyester from PET bottle waste from Jeju Island. In particular, Pleatsmama commercialized the world’s first 100% recycled spandex.

*Regen Jeju: 100% recycled polyester from PET bottle waste from Jeju Island

*Creora Regen: the world’s first 100% recycled spandex


✓ Zero Waste

Pleatsmama’s knit bags are made using the linking sewing process - a high-quality sweater sewing technique to minimize fabric waste.


✓ Permanent Pleats

Pleatsmama’s pleats are not created artificially with high heat or chemicals but are natural wrinkles created from structural weaving. They have excellent resilience even after long-time use and washing.


✓ Slim and Easy

Pleatsmama’s shoulder bag can be folded along the natural pleats, making it easy to carry and keep.